Welcome to this very first "DIY+cc"-workshop. We´ll simultaneously build floating gardens out of trash around the globe. It´s easy, fun and a unique experience for all participants (and a floating garden for free).
Please check it out, tell some friends about it and let us know, if you want to cocreate an i-land at your location from 15th to 17th of june 2012.
This is how it works in 7 steps:
1. sign in + preparation
Let us know, which version (A or B) you want to build, then you´ll get the specific construction manual and we´ll list you here as cocreator.
2. team + communication
Get some friends together, family or any group and check the communication channels used for the glocal workshop to make sure, you´re able to enjoy all features of this experiment.
3. materials + resources
Get the material for version A or B. We´ll send you a parts list but you can also improvize and use any other available material.
4. construction
From 15th to 17th of june, we all will be constructing our i-lands allover the globe. If you need help, stimulation or just a chat, join the asap-lounges at facebook or Skype. When ready, let us know.
5. plants + extras
Sometimes it´s good to take some time. If your i-land floats (Don´t worry, it will), you can choose suitable plants for it or some decoration to make it really beautiful.
6. enjoy + celebrate
You´ll know how to...(maybe the media or public wants to join?)
7. improve + share
Improve the manual, add your ideas and pictures and translate it into your language. Then share it :-)

This is an old design. The i-lands will be a little smaller, covered completly with plants and much more beautiful. But basically it´s the same technique. You´ll need
- old tyres
- plastic bottles
- bicycle-wheels, wood or plastic as cover
- rope, chains
- jute-bags, coconut-mat or textiles
- soil, plants, decoration
For a snack-garden, best is to use a used snack box. As these don´t exist globally, any piece of styrofoam will do. Also, you´ll need:
- soil, plants
- wire, rope
- decoration

detailed manuals and part lists will be sent directly to all participants.
DIY+cc manual for i-lands out now.

Please download the full manual here

The i-land incubator (beta version).
The "Random Hacks of Kindness" programmed this app for our glocal workshop and ongoing ambitions. Please post your i-land workshop here. (if you have problems with it, just send the details and we´ll post it for you.)

Online coaching, i-land chats
While constructing the i-lands glocally from 15.-17.6., all participanting teams are connected via
> the facebook-group "Asap-island"
> and some coordinated Skype group-chats (Do you use Skype already?)

i-land Hannover (Germany) DirectLink to workshop

i-land Berlin (Germany) DirectLink to workshop

i-land Indonesia DirectLink to workshop

i-land Uganda DirectLink to workshop

i-land USA-west DirectLink to workshop

i-land Brazil DirectLink to workshop

i-land India DirectLink to project

i-land Sweden DirectLink to workshop

i-land Phillippines DirectLink to workshop

i-land Wherever (this could be yours)

For details, contact, background information, please visit Sealand Multiversity or asap-island.org
To sign in, just send us an email.